GRAINIS LTD is a Bulgarian R&D company, offering a unique technology for producing Stoichiometric Oxygen-Hydrogen (SOH, also called HHO, Brown's Gas, WaterGas, etc. ) Gas Composition, by an advanced method of low-power water electrolysis ( )

SOH Gas  water-electrolysis Gas-Generators are been serially produced for the last 20 years by more than 30 companies from China, Korea, Taiwan, USA, Italy, Japan, UK, Russia, Taiwan, Bulgaria, etc.
A kind of Modified OH (MOH) gas, produced by Ultrasono-activated water electrolysis, was patented in 2008 and 2011 by Dr. Ryushin Ohmasa from Japan Techno Co ltd., Tokyo - 
and called by him "Ohmasa Gas". 
Water/Electrolyte's Vibration / Ultrasonic Acoustic activation is a widely researched method for the last decades, incl. by us, for changing the water properties and improving the electrolysis efficiency by introducing a low-frequency sound/vibration inside the water-electrolyte solution. Various ultra-low-frequency acoustic devices are being used, to create the exact  electrolyte's vibration, dispersion and flow. Few more unique methods were applied, for improvement the electrolysis power efficiency up to 0.4Wh/L (0.9kWh/kg) of SOH and 1.1Wh/L (12.3kWh/kg) of pure Hydrogen . These world-record results are possible because of the application of special electronic devices as PWM, PSM and PPM - controllers, distorting the electric current into tiny periods of shock-power supply and electrode plates' polarization, followed by 100% larger periods without any supply, but still continuing the gas production for a part of a second, thanks to the previous electrodes' polarization. These cycles are being repeated about 10 times in a second.
MOH/Ohmasa Gas has several unique properties, quite different than the classic SOH. Unlike OH, MOH can be used as a single fuel for gas-converted Gasoline Internal Combustion Engines, Gas-Turbine and Rocket Engines, it can be compressed over 200-700 bar, or liquefied  at 1 bar / -178 deg.C, filled and stored for years in CNG/LNG tanks.

MOH's flame can melt, boil and evaporate the most ultrahigh-temperature (>5,500 deg.C) melting materials on earth (UHTC), in seconds.
MOH can be used in a special kind of ultra-effective Engines, designed by us - the MOH-Seebeck Gas-Electric Car Engine.
This engine utilizes the ultrahigh temperature (>4,300 deg.C) of heating Zirconia (ZrO2) by OH gas-plasma flame. The enormous heat transfers on Thermal Oil fluid mediator, which runs and distributes it along a serpentine square pipe with hundreds of Seebeck's Thermoelectric Generator Modules (TEGs), welded along the pipe. The Seebeck's TEGs produce power, which drives one or more electric propulsion motors.
This silent, non-rotating and non-vibrating engine could be used also for stationary applications - home or business power generators, for power, heat and MOH clean fuel's production, at a cost, close to zero.

MOH Gas is a perfect  Energy Storage, which allows every solar or wind power plant to become an independent Gas Refinery.
MOH can be safely :
- handled as the standard CNG / LNG fuel gases, 
- filled and stored safely and for years in conventional CNG, LNG and LPG tanks and bottles, 
- shipped and sold everywhere, and 
- burned in conventional car, etc. IC Engines, Gas Turbines, Reaction Engines and Boiler/Furnace/Stove Burners. 

MOH is low-explosive, it cannot be ignited by a spark at normal conditions
No hydrogen leaks or permeation / embrittlement influences were observed during a 2-years period of storage in a bottle pressurized at 100 bars . 

Liquefied MOH is also a perfect, compact and safe storage for pure Hydrogen. MOH liquefies at  1bar / -178 deg.C, a temperature close to the LNG's (-162deg.C), while pure Hydrogen liquefies at the much lower and hard to achieve and maintain, -253 deg.C. Also, MOH is much safer and non-explosive, unlike the Hydrogen
Pure Hydrogen, as a fuel for Hydrogen Fuel Cells, can be easily extracted and separated out of the MOH, on-boardon-demand, just before use.

Pure Hydrogen, released and separated out of MOH, can be also used for being pumped into hermetic carbon-fiber or Graphene containers, to be used as lightweight, safe and easy for manual handle lifting-power modules in large cargo/passenger aircraft, lighter than the air - Airships, Low-Orbit Airborne Satellite Platforms, "Flying Road" Elevated Structures, etc.
Such a 2,2x2.2x2.2m (~12m3) container could produce about 10kg net lifting force. 
We also offer :

- High-effective (0.4Wh/l) Water-electrolysis Modified OH (MOH) Gas Generators for welding, heating, car fuel economy, etc.,
- High-temperature (>5,500 deg.C) SOH Combustion/Steam Generators for low-cost heat generation,
Autonomous SOH Water-Fueled Power Plant for low-cost power & heat off-grid supply of homes, businesses, vehicles,
- SOH Plants for high-temp material and Water purification, distillation, desalination, evaporation, etc.
- SOH Plants for Industrial and Urban Air Purification plus CO2 and else pollutant capturing and processing into fuels, etc.
- MOH / Fischer-Tropsch Plants for Hydrocarbon Fuels Synthesis as Diesel, Gasoline, Methanol, Methane, and Ethylene / Propylene, etc.
- SOH - Incinerators for high-temp blast-burning industrial, household and hazardous - bio, toxic, nuclear ( photo/link below) wastes -
- Low-cost pure Hydrogen gas production for supplying Fuel Cells in FCEV Cars, on-land power plants, etc. Compressed or Liquefied MOH can be also applied as on-board pure Hydrogen and Oxygen's safe storing, extraction and separation.
- Plants for Basalt-Zirconia Fibers and Basalt-Zirconia Fiber Composites (BZFC) low-cost production. BZFC are 3 times stronger, 3 times lighter and 20 times cheaper than the Steel.
- MOH-Seebeck-TEG Engines for all kinds of vehicles, etc.
- MOH-Gas-Electric Turbine-Generators -
Also Hydrogen Gas can be produced and pumped into safe hermetic Carbon-fiber or Graphene Containers, to be used as lifting-force safe modules for large cargo aircrafts, lighter than the air.
Last researches in The University of Manchester proved that Graphene is absolutely not permeable for all gases. In the same time, Graphene is 100% permeable for water vapor.

Independent, personal MOH Power Plants for off-grid, water-fueled production of low-cost Power, Heat, Gas Fuel and Cold, can be deployed everywhere, just in the backyard of a house, factory, farm, or in the middle of nowhere, producing non-stop clean energy without any need of pipelines, cable lines, transformers, etc. heavy equipment. MOH Plant can be mounted on-board larger ships or platforms, producing gas fuel directly out of the seawater, replacing all diesel tanks at all.

MOH can create new businesses, new jobs and entire new economies, in remote, unexplored, poor regions, in severe - polar or desert climates, and assist for solving the heaviest world's problems as the global warming, pollution, poverty, hunger, expensive fuels, energy, foods and basic necessities, lack of fresh water, poor hygiene leading to mass deceases, overall misery, desperation and terror.
HHO Gas Generators 75 l/hr (200W) and 9,500 l/hr (31kW)
TEDOM POLO 100 Thermal Pump Series - Specs & Principle

Grainis ltd.Hydrogen Bulgaria
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